Yesenia Galvez, Lynette Romero, and David Greenberg: "Gender and Technology: How Men and Women
Use Cell Phones." Yesenia is seen here with Dr. Friendly Thomas.

Tasha Straszewski, Thorony Chy, Elizabeth Shea, Rachelle Webb, Robin Blauvelt, Ying Moua, Yesenia
Galvez, Abdiel J. Flores, and Amy Arambulo:"Sense of Belonging and STEM Majors’ Academic and
Psychological Outcomes." Tasha is seen here next to the group's poster.

Erica Decker, Guillermina Muro, Lilian Saldana, Briseida Martinez, Lynette Romero, Erika Estrada, Sara
Reinosa, Timothy Vande Krol, Marissa Salazar, and Delisa Young: "Women in Engineering Across Cultures:
Examining Intelligence Theories and Agency." Seen here is Erica pointing out findings of the study.